Providing an end of the season national championship time attack and track day for those in the pursuit of that sub 1:40 at the Tsukuba of the Midwest - Gingerman Raceway

And to see who is the Absolute Fastest

OCTOBER 17th 2021



Cash payouts!

A big check for $1000 to the Absolute Fastest

Class winners receive $100

All class records recorded on the Track Records page

Various superlative awards for most laps completed, fastest lady, coolest car, fastest club etc

Additional awards TBD




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Registration numbers are limited interest of a quality event.  A full event will mean approximately 15 cars on track per session. In a typical event, each driver will get 5x 20 minute sessions, with the top drivers from each competition class getting a bonus session. Competitors will be grouped and ordered in grid by lap time so that groups are similar pace with minimal passing required. Track day / HPDE / non-timed participants will run in a separate group from competitors.

Registration is open to all drivers who have more than three track days worth of experience. If there is a waitlist, drivers who have podiumed at any national level time trial or autocross event previously will be moved to the top of the list.

Event Location: Gingerman Raceway - 61414 Co Rd 388, South Haven, MI 49090


Classing Rules

HPDE / Track Day / Non-timed cars need not worry about classing.

All cars participating in the time attack competition must be based on road going chassis. E.g. No tube frames, protoype, formula racer.
Ariel Atom, Lotus 7, and similar allowed. Vehicle track width must be greater than vehicle height. Meaning trucks and SUVs will typically be lowered or have some amount of track prep.

Two drivers may run the same car and will be placed in different groups. Only one driver will be able to run the bonus session if applicable.

Any tire must have at least four sizes available. No V720 ACR in Classes B C D.



Various clubs classes May run in class
Sport, Street D
Tuner, Autox ST C
Track/Street Modified, Max, GTA<U, Autox SP/SM (on 200tw) B
Unlimited and all on <200tw A


In general, if the class your car was built for sounds more or less like one of these descriptions, then that is probably where it ends up.

Stock cars, daily drivers. Minor bolt ons. No cars >$105k inflation adjusted MSRP

Bolt-ons, no aftermarket aero or major factory aero e.g. 1LE ZR1 ACR Extreme

Track prepared / extensively modified cars, supercars, cars with substantial aero and fabrication

Full blown race cars where headlights are extra weight and there are wings on top of wings

In each lettered class, there will be three categories / sub-classes.

Low Power:
(weight in lbs with driver) / whp > 11.5

Medium Power:
11.5 > (weight in lbs with driver) / whp > 6

High Power - all others

There will typically be 12 classes, A1, A2, A3, B1, B2, B3 etc.

If any class has under 3 participants, participants may be bumped to the next letter, e.g. D2 and C2 would be combined as C2.



We run rain or shine, and will stick to the schedule as best as possible. In case of substantial delays the last session may be shortened or eliminated, or sessions shortened to assure everyone gets as much seat time as possible.

Start Time Duration End Time
7:00 AM Gates open
8:15 AM Drivers Meeting
9:00 AM 0:20 9:20 AM Group 1
9:20 AM 0:20 9:40 AM Group 2
9:40 AM 0:20 10:00 AM Group 3
10:00 AM 0:20 10:20 AM Group 4
10:20 AM 0:20 10:40 AM Group 1
10:40 AM 0:20 11:00 AM Group 2
11:00 AM 0:20 11:20 AM Group 3
11:20 AM 0:20 11:40 AM Group 4
11:40 AM 0:20 12:00 PM Group 1
12:00 PM 1:00 1:00 PM Lunch / Worker Laps / Touring Laps
1:00 PM 0:20 1:20 PM Group 2
1:20 PM 0:20 1:40 PM Group 3
1:40 PM 0:20 2:00 PM Group 4
2:00 PM 0:20 2:20 PM Group 1
2:20 PM 0:20 2:40 PM Group 2
2:40 PM 0:20 3:00 PM Group 3
3:00 PM 0:20 3:20 PM Group 4
3:20 PM 0:20 3:40 PM Group 1
3:40 PM 0:20 4:00 PM Group 2
4:00 PM 0:20 4:20 PM Group 3
4:20 PM 0:20 4:40 PM Group 4
4:40 PM 0:20 5:00 PM Top 2 fastest from each class

Everyone must be off the premises by 7:00 PM

In the first session, typically

Group 1

A1 B1 C1 A2

Group 2

D1 B2 C2 A3

Group 3

D2 B3 C3 D3

Group 4

HPDE / Track Day / Non-timed


This will be adjusted as needed if a class has substantially more or less entrants.

Grid order will be based on lap time and may change throughout the day. Check grid sheets or grid worker as entering grid. Listen for announcements made after each run group has ran as some drivers may be moved to a different group in the interest of a smooth event and everyone getting as many clean laps as possible.

Drivers Meeting

The drivers’ meeting is mandatory. Anyone not attending the meeting will not be allowed on track without having a driver meeting with a staff member.


There will be a 1 hour break for lunch and workers. The facility has lunch available for sale. Workers may run a session during the lunch break, which will be followed by a touring/paced/parade lap session available for $10 per car. Any car including those not participating in the event may drive the track at no faster than typical street / highway speeds. Helmet not required.



Competition Rules

Single fastest lap of the day is the scored lap.

All competitors are required to run an AMB / Mylaps / Westhold compatible transponder. Transponders will be provided during check in. If a competitor has their own transponder, let us know your transponder number by emailing us prior to the event, or let us know during check in. A credit card must be left when picking up the transponder and will be returned when the transponder is returned. If the transponder is not returned, we may use your card to purchase a replacement at cost ($250+).

The first session will be unscored / practice and used for group seeding and impound.

Vehicles will be released for a warm up lap under yellow. Passing on the warm up lap is by point by only.

Track limits are paved surfaces. Outside wheels must be touching paved surfaces. Marked curbs with pavement on the other side may be straddled, unless disallowed by the track.

Exceeding track limits will result in the fastest time of that session being removed. Four off requires coming into pit and being re-released.

A driver causing a black flag all will lose all times for that session.

Passing is the onus of the passer. The car being passed can provide a point by, however a point by is not required. The car being passed may remain on line if they choose. Use common sense, and behave in a predictable safe manner. Dive bombing and sketchy passes are discouraged. Blocking moves are disallowed. Drivers are expected to share the track to allow all to perform to the best of their ability. Drivers deemed to cause intentional interference may be penalized by having all times from the session removed.

Drivers on a cool down lap before checkered must do their best to stay out of the way of other drivers and may be blacked flagged if deemed a hazard or interfering with other participants. Drivers are encouraged to exit and re-enter the track in lieu of on track cool-downs.

Flag violations may result in a loss of fastest time for that session.

Repeat offenses may result in disqualification from the event.

Participants may only run 8 tires for the event. For those running racing slicks, one set of four may be slicks and the other rain tires, for example. Exceptions to this rule will only be made if a tire is deemed unsafe by an official.

A competitor late to grid may lose their earned grid spot for that session. A competitor may join late or exit early.


These are a few awards that will be announced at awards, occurring shortly after the last session of the day.

Absolute Fastest Lady

Most Laps Completed - You probably didn't break your car! You're a winner!

Absolute Coolest - During check in, each driver will receive a ballot whereby before the start of the final session of the day they can vote on the car at the event they think is the coolest.

Absolute Fastest Club -- during registration, entrants will be able to select a club to which they are a member or participant and that they want their times to be considered for this award. A club will need at least three entrants to be considered. The three fastest entrants for each clubs' fastest times will be averaged, and the club with lowest average lap time will be given the honor of Absolute Fastest club.

There may be a few others announced as well.

Car Numbers

Each car will have a unique number of appropriate size to be seen by corner workers.

There may be supplemental required sponsor stickers which will be provided at check in.


Long pants are required for anyone in the vehicle.  All clothing should be cotton. Closed toe shoes are also required. Please use common sense. Fire suits and FHR/Hans are encouraged for all and required for A group.

Rollover protection is required for convertibles to go on track. Vehicles with integral factory rollover protection do not require additional support. E.g. Lotus Elise, Porsche Boxster, Honda S2000

In all classes, if a 6+ point cage is installed, the interior may be removed.

If a 4 point or functional roll bar is installed, the interior may be removed behind the B pillar.

Both front windows must be open while on track. Window violations may result in a black flag.

Every person in a vehicle, whether they are a driver or passenger, must have an approved helmet SA2010 or newer.

Tech Inspection

All drivers must complete a tech inspection form before going on track.  It is the responsibility of the driver to complete the tech inspection, or to have a qualified mechanic complete the inspection. The tech form will be collected before you can go on track.


The first session of the day will be ran such that if possible, all cars in a given class will run together. At the end of this session, cars will return to pit road for an impound / inspection by other participants.

Any protests about a cars classing, modification, etc may be brought to the staff working impound along with a $100 protest fee, an upheld protest may result in a car being moved to a different class or a time penalty or other appropriate solution, etc and the protest fee being returned to the protestor. If your car is near the limit of its allowed power to weight and you are trouncing your class competition, be prepared to go on scales and provide a dyno sheet or have a reasonable argument why you should not be bumped a class if protested.

Typically, a car will need to follow the rulebook to whichever club's class the car is built to.

Regardless, any modification with no substantial effect on performance or made in the interest of safety or reliability will typically get a pass. Please use common sense and discretion.

Protests after the first session of the day will require a $200 protest fee.


Allowed, must have same level of safety equipment as driver. Cameras must be mounted to the car for all at-speed sessions. Must check in and sign waiver.

Spectators / Media

Allowed, must check in / get a wrist band. A $20 admission fee will be in effect for individuals not affiliated with staff or a participant. Participants, media, etc should send a list of crew and affiliated individuals to us before the event to be added to the check in list so they are exempt from this fee.

Participants agree to allow Absolute Fastest and their assigns such as sponsors and promoters or any third party assigned by Absolute Fastest, free of charges or duty, usage without limitation, of trademarks, video, photos, and other media concerning competitors, teams, and cars involved in the event.

Damage to the Facility

If you hit a wall or barrier and damage it, you will have to pay for it. If it takes a truckload of oil dry to clean up a mess you left on the track, you may get a bill. Policies and what constitutes damage is at the discretion of the track. Your best bet is to avoid this type of situation altogether.